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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How fast it goes...


Ansen... 8 Years old!! Waiting for someone to bonk him on the head with a present...
Well this is the only photo that I took yesterday... waiting for the bus to go to the Temple... it was an overcast day but 59 outside so it was a nice day... They load you from the parking church and then you get off the bus and enter a tunnel that takes you to the temple, so not a whole lot of photo time... and when it was over the kids were ready to go somewhere else... 2+ hours in the car/bus they were done!! I hope that we all benefitted from sluffing school! Good, Better, and Best... was my motivation. The Temple was beautiful and the kids did really good and they (I hope) felt the spirit that was in that Holy Building...
Keradyn kept saying is this where Jesus will live? what about the temple by us does he live there now,,, he wanted to know why everything was what it was...
Oh the thinks we can think if we only but try!!

Ansen has been such a joy in our lives... challenging, but worth every stress!!

Always interested and always looking for something new!

If you can not see it... Ansen has a butterfly... I think this was one of the first things he did after getting glasses and being able to see (finally) catch little things... any little things!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ATTITUDE among other things

Well attitude is something that we have been working on in our house lately... and finally it paid off.. we told ansen that he had to be good for 1 week and we would go bowling.. so Thursday we went bowling and had a blast.. needless to say I did Not bowl.. I would not have been able to breath bowl and move all at the same time so I enjoyed the view...
Dyn was so proud of his winning score after the first game.. he had it all figured out. and really tried hard to get it to knock down all the pins and would get really mad and jump up and down and scream "dumb ball" when it would not get him a strike or a spare... but they did have fun.
Hopefully I will remember to take the camera with us tomorrow on our little road trip... Ansen is turning 8 tomorrow and I thought it would be fun to go the Draper Temple Open House and let him spend his special birthday at the temple. I hope it is a "good" memorable experience for all of us but expecially him.. He also got to have his interview with the Bishop today for his baptism... and they talked about the importance of what he is planning to do and the tie it has with the special things they do at the temple..
Another Birthday for one of my children just makes me realize... I Am Getting SOOO OLD! during sacrament meeting today I was thinking that when this little one that I am carring, in my ribs, gets to go to Kindergarten... Tyler will be 18 yes 18 (Hello Mission age) WOW!!!! How in the world can that happen??? He also informed me that he has grown over an inch in 1 month... INSANITY... just book me a padded room at the closest loony lodge... I think that I am going to need a time share there! anyone interested in buying in with me? but any way I am blessed to be able to be a part in their lives and watch them grow and be such good kids... they all have such special and strong spirits... what a challenging blessing for clint and I but I love every moment and would not ever change one minute!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Only my "A Bull"!!!!!

Getting dressed is a massive chore if I have not done laundry in the last TWO days...

JayCee every time he gets dressed it is a major event in the dresser... I NEED MY "A- BULL" SHIRT!!!
any of you who know JayCee, you know that he loves his aggie bull and loves to wear his aggie blue...
and he will search his drawers and the laundry baskets and any where else he can, to find his aggie shirt... Today ALL three are dirty so we will not have a sparkling attitude today.
He loves his aggies.

During the games we sit on the side that when they say UTAH STATE we sit on the UTAH side so he is always yelling UTAH and waiting for someone to say STATE then he'll say fight fight fight.


Monday, February 9, 2009


Okay the easy recipes for the things that I sent into Studio 5
these recipes are so easy they are almost embarasing to post...

Grapes washed and air dried red or green
(I prefer red)
2-3 blocks of wf white almond bark melted in a microwave safe bowl
roll grapes in bark and place on a cookie sheet let cool and
ENJOY (only eat a few 4-5 if you eat more than that you'll get sick)

White Chocolate Popcorn w/ candycanes
1 bag of microwave popcorn (popped)
2-3 blocks of white almond bark(melted)
a few broken candy canes
mix all in a bowl and spread on a cookie sheet or counter (where ever you want)
and then enjoy...(we leave it alone until it hardens a little bit)

So always remember there are 4 food groups
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
and Chocolate truffles

Thursday, February 5, 2009

wednesday madness...

Line em' up!.. and bring on the insanity
we love our Friday (or Wednesday) (or any other day of the week) kids.. From the left to right we have Taylor Lindley then Jayce (I don't know his last name.. he is just a cutie and part of the group) Riley Crossley, Brinley Crossley JayCee and Keradyn.... MMMMmmmm we love Mc Donalds HappyMeals.. who cares about the food we love the toys!! This group above is the lunch group we get together (at least we try) once a week and Mom's have Firehouse and the kids eithor get firehouse or wendy's or McD's so we have fun... it gives us moms a chance to vent... and relax "Serenity NOW!!!" We love to Eat more than any thing... it depends on how we all feel... Sandwiches and Diet Coke... and maybe a Dr. Pepper. Thanks for the moments ladies...

Dyn Loves JayCee and they are such good buddies.

Dyn helped me out a little yesterday... I had to send a photo to KSL so they could do a little graphic on the bottom of the screen when I chatted with Brooke and Darrin on Studio 5. They called me and asked if they could do a phone call instead of me going to SLC so it was kindof fun. So I guess I did not totally miss my moment... so enjoy the photo I do not do well infront of the camera I enjoy much more being behind it.
Enjoy the moment....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Studio 5 Here I Come!! NOT!!

Okay here is the funny story for the day... to compare with my problem....
a few days ago I submitted a couple of chocolate recipes to studio 5 and so I did not think any thing else of it until today when I recieved a phone call from KSL and I was asked to come and bring my recipe and chat with Brooke and Darrin while they ate my food... I did tell them no, with the fact that my belly pokes out farther than I care to admit (and I did not want to show it off on channel 5 TV).. It was on thursday and they said it would only be a few minutes long and the timing for me was not great. 4 hours of driving for 2 minutes of fame??? maybe worth it for some but 4 potty breaks on the way to SLC was not for me...So I passed up my 2 minutes of fame.

A Small Glitch

Okay here is the problem of the day... okay it's been a problem for a while not just today... but it finally hit me today so thus... the day,
I have a new baby coming in 12 weeks or so and I also have a little boy who sleeps in my bed... that could be problematic in the long run... he starts in his own bed which is a big improvement but he ends in mine and I am not quite sure how to fix the problem because I have no energy to take him back to his bed in the dead of night.. unless I have to get up to go potty.. which honestly (knock on wood) is not very often. so I welcome any suggestions... and Yes I do know that I brought the problem upon my self and I also know that I WILL do it again with this little one coming. because I am lazy. But the plan is always different than the result ( at least in my life).
So keep me in your thoughts as all of you sleep peacefully in your beds and know that I not only have the fun wiggles from the inside..(they are not too painfull yet) I deserve kicks and nudges that I now recieve from all sides...

Have a fabulous week!!

Another fun thing in store for our family other than screaming nights...
Ansen is turning 8 on the 23rd and we are also going to the Draper Temple Open House that day... I hope that it will help him remember all the great things about turning 8. And help Clint and I remember as well. Hopefully I will remember the Camera that day. I am getting better at the camera thing but not the remembering thing. but this too will pass. (I HOPE)