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Monday, May 24, 2010

some soccer...

Kyley, for not wanting to really play this year, has done pretty well 5 goals this game.. end score.. 6-1 So we will see if she is interested in comp. playing. she would do well.

They had a winning season..
I am actually sad that it is all over... (rec) in one way I am happy but I love watching my kids play and enjoy the game.. and this season... my two older are done...Kyley because she is too old for Smfld. rec. Tyler because he is at HS. team age.. so Hopefully he makes the team. I am worried.. but I will not worry until next spring.
This was Tyler's badge of HONOR.. he was so proud of it.. it is a goalie slide, into him with cleats up (obviously) he thinks it is Great!! He is one tough kid. the game before he bit a kids head and was spitting blood for 10 min. . but will he come out for 1 min to get a mouth rinse.. NO just spit every 5 sec.. Gross!! but a totally competitive BOY!!! Gotta Love it!! (and him)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the last week in a glance...

Wed.. the 19th Kyley had D.A.R.E. graduation.. I am sure glad I went, for some reason I did not go to Tyler's. He probly asked me not too! (and I listened?)
Cute Girl --Cute shirt-- Cute program..
(she cannot have a pic taken without tipping her head)
it got warm enough to go to the park and Jordan decided that the little slides were not too bad. he even did them by himself. But as you can tell JC is a good big brother and helps him a lot even when he does not want the help.

Soccer Pics.. Kyley had a game last night so while she was warming up in the back yard I snapped some cute pics of her...

They had a PJ day and crazy hair on monday for doing good on their Core testing

Clint and his patience builder... he has really enjoyed coaching but I am not sure he go to the next group with Keradyn...

Nothing about Tyler or Ansen this week... They are both doing great in school and soccer but I suppose maybe they did not do any thing that I thought was pic worthy this week..I also did not go to Ansen's game on Wed. They won 4-2 Tyler has Soccer tonight and I need to take some pics of him because this may be his LAST soccer season if he does not make the High school team.. :) or maybe:(??? it depends on the moment for me! But I do enjoy watching all of my kids play soccer and enjoy being active.. side note:::Kyley has scored in EACH of her games at least one goal.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

one year stats...

Jordan Brown Hoyt
he finally weighs 20lbs
got his 6 shots yesterday!!
he is really good with shots...
Love you Jordan..
so now we can turn the carseat around!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Baby is 1!!

Happy 1st Birthday Jordan...
Kinda backwards pics but... I forget it loads backwards...
JayCee loves hanging out with Jordan..anytime!!
Even when he is MESSY!!
Jordan got so many toys and misc things.. but his Fav. thing... this little soccer ball.. he held it all night and Tyler tried to take it from him to see it and he screamed...

Jordan.. trying to decide what to grab next.

He is a dainty eater... he really does not like to be dirty!!
and that makes Daddy happy.. He has a hard time(dad) when I just put food on the tray and say.. eat.. but ow else are they going to learn?

this is his Peek-a-boo.. he hides his cheeks...
Jordan.. I cannot believe that you are one year old!!! but I am excited for the future!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Okay let me preface this post by saying... our house has been in total spiral mode lately.. if someone has not been sick... someone has been hurt.. if not that someone is in need of something yesterday... so here goes our little small part of normal life...
Opera for Keradyn.. thanks to sick kids I did not get to attend..:( but Clint said it was okay) and for him to say that.. well it must have been cute! He was a tree thus the green face.

New trick...climbing into and on and through EVERYTHING!!

Spamboni...shoes, glasses. and to top the outfit..got the TUNES!! Love this kid! and in his words.. BOOYA!!I am cool!
and as for a soccer update... they are all doing well and I am doing my best to get to at least 1 game for each child a week. Ha Ha Ha... but I do try! any way who doesn't love being a mom!!
If I wasn't crazy I wouldn't know how to function.. I am better with craziness all around!
the rest of the broken wounds will have to be posted about at a later date.. Jordan somehow found a way to bypass the diaper completely and blow straight out the back of his pants.. so off I go to clean the trail...Mom's work is never done.. and I never want it to be.. Love my kids..