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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding, temple pics

We love spending time with family... these past 2 weeks have been crazy but very fun and rewarding.. I love seeing the kids playing with cousins and enjoying time...

my kids and another set of Hoyt kids!

Such Handsome boys I have...


Okay not a handsome boy.. but a very cute girl..Kyley and mom





I love my boys!

Keradyn, Ansen, and Jackson..

Tyler learning to be a good dipper...Love it, he turned red, Marlie (Niece)was nervous.. and I think Sharla was too.."don't drop her..." and it was so fun to watch...

The Hoyt Brothers..these are 3 of the best looking guys around...

Shane Clint and Cam

Chelsey and Doug, Grandma and Grandpa... and all the grandkids.. so fun!

Thanks Chels and Doug for letting us be a part of all this fun time!

Monday, June 13, 2011

7 days and 7 nights...

this first picture is the pre curser to this whole post...7 days 7 nights 8 people... what does that equal??? 50000 loads of laundry for mom!

Vegas, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, Beach, Old SanDiego and the San Diego Temple and then 3 days at Disneyland and Disney's California..2 days of driving..grateful to be



a bit of a pic overload I probably should do multiple posts..but too lazy!

we did have a really good time and I cannot thank my parents..(who footed the bill) enough for the memories created on this trip..just amazing... this was my laundry room Friday night when we got home.. minus one load that is already in the washer...
wild animal park in San Diego..

Jordan really wanted a Lorikeet to land on his arm (until one did and bit him)

Jay was so excited to see a cheetah.. he loves watching the internet about animals and learning...

Lorikeets.. all over..

Jay loved being with all these animals.. I could have stayed here all the day long and watched and listened to him giggle when a bird landed on him...

disney at the soundsational parade.. Jordan just took it all in and loved all of it talking a mile a minute and pointing at EVERYthing!

my boys..and the monkey.. I almost thought it was one of mine.... kyley and I were off shopping...

I don't have many pics of the other kids.. they went off playing..

Jedi training

.. they are now..official padawans and as you can imagine we are always using our skills and force around the house...wish it could be used to clean the house

world of color.. new to disney this year..the kids and my parents went and got a picnic lunch and Clint and I went and ate at ariels grotto..then you get VIP seating very nice, it was good to get a minute away. and yes on this trip I turned 35 so spending a little time with clint alone was nice..

this is more like home.. goofy..

never had to use this.. but the sign made me laugh!

LOVE mater...

sea world was fun and long... but good still.. we really had a good time!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all your hard work and time to do this with us.. we LOVED it!