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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Sweet Ansen

Ansen is going to be 9 next Tuesday! wow!! so for this week I am going to concentrate on
and try to keep him in a good mood, which is sometimes hard to do.
Happy Birthday Ansen in a week.. but a countdown begins...
He has quite the day planned for his birthday.. I am excited! Hope he is too... so stay tuned for daily posts about Ansen...
Love to play pool with Grandpa Hoyt
(Thanks for coming to our rescue and changing the mood of the day)
the most Dreaded thing in the WORLD... HOMEWORK!!!

Love hangin' out with my dad and brothers!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Basketball Magic

I love my boys.. and they love balls, I guess just like boys do.
These two are always lovin each other and sharing balls and other things and giggling.. it is so fun to hear them laugh and giggle together.
Jordan did not know that I was taking pics of him...
I love pics of him when he is smiling and loving life just being little.
Jordan and JayCee...Jay is explaining all the rules of not slobbering on the ball.

We Love Basketball and can't wait until Soccer starts a new ball to learn to love...
it won't be hard.