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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Die Hard Soccer

No photos because the weather today would have ruined the camera... but we did fare pretty well in soccer on this Rain/snow/RAIN/SNOW/SNOW/ saturday...
Keradyns game was cold but not to rainy until the end.. his was at 9 and he did not score but he does LOVE to play goalie and he has not been scored on yet... they won today
Ansens game... they won but it was a cold hard fought victory.. it rained the first half then snowed for a while then went back to raining... HOT CHOCOLATE when we got home!! he is doing soooo much better than last year..
Tylers team won 10-4 and he did score.. his game weather really was not that bad just a very soggy field. I love to watch him and his team play when they are really playing well as a team...
Coach Balto is doing much better and is going in for open heart surgery to hopefully help this problem... we continue to pray for his speedy and complete recovery! and for the strength of his family.. Good Luck!!

And WAY TO GO HOYT SOCCER PLAYERS I am so lucky to have such a great pack of kids... and family.. Mom, thanks for always taking the kids so I can enjoy my players... and Grandpa .. the sugar fix is always GOOD!!! Thanks for all your help!

Monday, April 20, 2009

fun weekend and a Tornado

We had a pretty good weekend we spent both days with the kids and with Grandparents...

Kyley loves to find ladybugs

Jay and Dyn just hangin' with the cows... jay loves the farm...

Ansen did not want to stand still long enough to get a picture taken.

Furious the Monkey Boy

Keradyn getting ready to be Goalie (clear at the other end) I was trying to watch both games at once I sat between the two fields. They lost their game but they also have NEVER played before so that was okay... Clint is coaching... what a patience builder.

Ansen is the one in white socks... he played pretty well. They Tied 2-2

This is Tylers team (last fall) same boys... this year they will win for thier coach!!!

I did not take the camera to Tylers game and I probly should have He scored... They won their game 3-1 and please pray for his coach and family they are really struggling. He suffered a heart irregularity and then quit breathing they origionally thought it was a heart attack, then a stroke... but all testing came back negative ...so he has since been flown to Mckaydee hospital and the last report we had... not too good condition. We Love You Balto... and Your family.

Pine wood derby days...

and now we await the BABY... :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

Thank Goodness Spring Break contained something else besides just "hangin" with Mom because I am about ready to go crazy... Thursday and Friday were Horrible weather day... and it rained and it was cold... and Saturday was not a whole lot better. it was nice in the morning and then rained later and it Rained and Rained when Tyler and Dad and Grandpa were trying to put up a new fence... so Sunday and Mondays weather was much appriciated..
Happy Easter!!!
Keradyn found his easter eggs fast so that he could play... what a great day... We went to both grandma's house and ate CANDY and dinner.. and played with cousins and enjoyed the day...
Okay Easter Sunday was so nice outside... we had an Egg hunt at Grandma Greene's house and there is so many places to hide things because of all the construction (or destruction)going on ... how ever you want to look at it...

Nope... No candy in my mouth!!

The Most important things I found during the Easter Hunt... an Egg.. and a Soccer Ball and there is a basketball in the bag.

Saturday @ the Aggie Classic...

On Saturday we went to the Aggie Classic Cattle show and the little boys were a little restless and so I took them to the suburban and we played with everything and anything that we could find to waste time.. it was a little cold.. but we hope next year to be showing our own there.

JayCee being silly driving crazy!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay so I totally slept in and did not do any morning April Fools Pranks so now I have to think of things to do before bed time... anyway that is not the issue today...
Hello what happened to spring.. I love being able to just lounge and not feel like doing anything... but 3-4 inches of snow... come on now! That is taking the lazy day to an extreeme!
Okay yes I am just venting... becausse I have become the wicked witch of the west (minus the green skin and the broom, cuz who wants to sweep??) I am just a grinch...big belly, can't reach my shoes to tie them... and no photos of green soccer fields !!!... games are scheduled for Sat. (Ha Ha Ha) and I only have 3 playing this year. so hopefully I will not go off the deep end. I am just not sure how much energy I have to tread water...my own fault for not getting them into something other than sports.. why wasn't I smarter?
ENJOY the day...

Sucess is not final,
failure is not fatal:
it is the courage
to continue that counts.
-winston churchill

So I suppose all is not lost yet... ENJOY.... what ever makes you happy...