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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cache Cup

Okay so I am probably getting the mom of the year award for this.....
my boys played cache valley cup and I did NOT take the camera to one game...it really just came down to the fact that it was one more thing to carry... I do have to say, I LOVE to watch my boys play soccer.
Tylers team did okay..they placed 3rd in the big boys division they are so fun to watch. His cats team is made up of a lot of the high school team...
Ansens team placed 2nd in his division.. he got his first trophy..so exciting! (Pics of that later)
LOVE SOCCER.. thank you boys for helping me be a bit on the ocd end of things making sure I am where I need to be on time and with bags, water bottles, gatorade, blankets, umbrellas and children in tow..and always cussing cuz I forget...the camera..
someday I will remember...