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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More...More....and More...

Christmas program for the 1st grade This is Keradyn giving his part.. very fun to be able to go to these things..Love being a Stay at home mommy.. thank you Honey!!
Our yard is a maze... how fun right? ya wait until spring and these will be nice indented tracks...I hate mice...
the back yard looks just like this too! (and probly the side yards too..)
Hoyt Family Party

Happy Birthday Jesus!
We spent the weekend in SLC going to the MTC Christmas concert...and playing around.. we went to see the lights and Clint and I went to the USU vs. UVU basketball game and finished up some shopping while grandpa took all the kids back to the kimball. I really enjoy spending time with my family.. close and not so close..

Chocolate dipping... at the Bown's in orem ...a long time tradition for me.. and I have missed it greatly... so it was fun to take the kids and do this again....20 lbs of chocolate dipped YUMMY.. it is the only way I really like chocolate...

learning to throw pennies in the fountain at Temple Square..
all happy... amazing!!

Seeing santa...at Farr West
Poor Santa..

Jordan would not sit alone.. so thank you ansen..

JayCee enjoyed being able to see santa.. so excited..
Keradyn had an indepth conversation with the Big Man... he talked to him about a lot of things.. and they discussed the reindeer and the bells and the north pole and the elves... and other random items...gotta love kids...
This is santa showing dyn donners bells
First beaters...lov'em...
Elfie... he hides and watches the goings on in the house and reports back to santa.. thanks for the elfie grandpa..

This was just a random thing..I came out after snacks one day and these were all lined up.. good job JayCee these are the new fav snacks...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

a little bit of this...a little bit of that

now that it is almost christmas I thought I should post a bit about thanksgiving...I really have amazing family... all the way around. LOVE THEM.. Thanksgiving was at my inlaws but they have been so good the past few years to let me bring my family... so we do not have to share our day...just our food.. so nice.
building a Turkey out of rice krispie treats...
He loves kyyee...

occasionally I try to take pics of all of them together... the bunch of yeahhoos...but I do enjoy being their mom...
I have so much to be thankful for..
So off to the Christmas holidays we go... tree up..gifts mostly bought.. (and if we don't buy anymore we would be okay!!)the season is here and I love the season of celebrating my Saviors birth I love the nativities and that people are nice and smile or pretend at least..
so enjoy the moments, for they pass so quickly...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lovin' My Kids...So Proud

Junior Futurity Show Fall 2010
JD right behind him. He fits that handsome cowboy look..
if I could only get him to wear it outside the show ring!

It was so cold when I got there to help with the important things..(Hair)

emma behind her.

They both did so well...cows were much better behaved too!

It makes me proud to watch her fight this big heifer... she tries her best and beats her over the nose with her stick and yells at her.. a side I don't see outside of the cows..
they tell you to control your heifer you need to keep the halter chain above her head.. we that is also above Kyleys head too!

This was all of the kids that were showing.. they all split a pot for bringing them here and showing them to all who come to watch... Love it.. and so do they..(I hope)
Kyley did come back and sit by me for a minute and was crying because emma put her into the wall again.. but not near as bad as last time the crying only lasted a minute.. she is one tough cookie...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diet Coke to the rescue...

6 kids keep me busy, with homework and school parties and mutual and other activities so......we try to enjoy every minute of every day..
Being November I have really tried to be thankful for all the little things in my life and believe me.. there are many little things in my life to be thankful for..expecially when you sit down and really think about it! but one thing that has really struck me lately as christmas is coming is ... Whiny kids in the store...at least my kids still WANT something..that I am thankful for! so daily I have been writing a few lines in my Journal about the little things. and maybe later I will share some...but time permiting.. now on to pics...
you don't come here to listen to me blather on...
I love this little boy...this cheeser.. what a cutie!!

Jordan LOVES cows...cows...cows...cows...even upside down...


I do not beat my children... (he fell off the pool table)

Thanks Traci it was YUMMY!!!
the color is just perfect on me...LOVE it!! but not as good
this colored pencil.. YUM!!

Park we love the fall weather we have been having so we spent an afternoon at the park!

can you not love this mug?? Devil in disguise...
if you look close you can see his horns.. under that halo!!

enough said..

Just hangin' around!!

getting ready to show.. again in about a week.

Halloween food.. eyeballs and worms..

Love the farm for pics.. expect more from this location soon! Barns are so fun.. expecially when my kids love to be there!
Thanks for Reading... till next time!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a few random thoughts

UEA break was kindof a wash....Clint still had to work on Friday and Jordan was kinda sick... so we just hung out and cleaned the house and went to the farm and did just random things.. we did rent a few movies and had ordered pizza and few fun things like that .. Grandparents and Devery took Kyley and Ansen hiking and got some fun pics that I am excited to post when I get a copy!!
but here are a few random fun pics...
jordan loves balloons...
Farm... can't get enough of this beautiful weather...we love to be outside and what better place??

shadow fighting.

our next favorite thing is...Yep you guessed it Tea Party!! My boys think this is so fun!

tucking the animals in for a nap!!.... before I decide it is thier turn..

Tea party again..

SV Cats Soccer... MUCH better finish this year!!

cheer run!!
after each game they line up and they run across the field and then on the way back all the parents and others cheer for them... they are supossed to stay in a line.. you can see how well that works.. you would think they could have it figured out by now!??

This is Ansen if you can tell. They did so much better this year.. Love watching all these boys they are such a great team with awsome coaches! Can't wait for spring!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one at a time

Tyler turned 15
Where did my sweet little boy go? well he has turned in to a great big sweet boy (sorry Young Man) taller than his mother, aunts grandmas and Grandpa Greene but not quite dad and grandpa Hoyt yet... LOVE THIS KID TO DEATH I DO!!
basket ball playing with JayCee is pretty risky business for tyler but he is a good big brother..
don't know if you can see the paper...Elmo in firefrucks!! LOVE it!!

I have become the custom cake person expecially in Sept.. with 5 birthdays.. cake gets old!
This is Key Lime Pie..(key lime birthday pie)

we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and Clint has those saddle ridin' pics on his phone.. so maybe next post!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Birthday... and Lagoon

She is 12, where did the time go??
This is how we spent Kyley's birthday... 2 hours of Young Womens Volleyball...HaHaHa sneaky.. she thinks.. barely 12 today and already 2 young women activities.. LOVES it! We have such good young women and leaders...
Sizzler for dinner.
Heavy Heavy Hangover thy poor head.. and with Jay doing the bonking.. it is true.. I must be carefull in letting him do the bonking! **side note.. already on the phone.. ignoring the fact that we are all there watching and waiting at 10pm for her to open gifts.. at least everyone is in jammies...typical 12 yr. old girl***

12 candles was not as easy as she thought!


this should have been the last pic.. ready to go home...
they had fun.. but after 7 hours of Lagoon...enough is enough... Kyley, Tyler in the back... Dad and Dyn in the middle...Dyn was upset at having to go on this ride he wanted to go so bad last year and was 1/2 in. too short...now just 1/2 in too scared..
Jordan loved Kiddie land.. puff not so much but all the planes and things like that..:)

JayCee kinda go a bit sick on this one.. but still enjoyed it..

Thank You AFS for doing Lagoon day... Can't beat 8 people into lagoon for the price of gas down and home and I do end up buying dinner on the way home because I am lazy and do NOT want to cook after a day in the sun...