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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL...DYN WOKE UPWITH THE BIG KIDS BEFORE 7 SO EXCITED TO GO TO SCHOOL AND GO TO A NEW SCHOOL! (ALL DAY) Ansen some how got out of the first day of school pictures..?? I will have to grab one soon... and also Soccer has started for ansen they won their first game and lost the second..
JayCee starts preschool in a week! he is pretty excited!
after he pulled it out... he was ticked.. I just wanted it to fall out dad!!..it took a little bit of time for him to talk to Clint again. but happies now!!

not a great pic.. came off the phone but.. so cute if I could have captured how excited he was to pet and pull and love this bull.. he was loving life!! it just amazes me at how my kids get along with animals and how they respond ... this is our small bull (over 1000lbs.) against my 20lb. Jordan LOVE IT!!! and so does he.. NO fear..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NO more FBing

okay so I think I have been banned from FB nowdays... I have contracted a virus.. one to many times and Clint is tired of redoing my computer so he is positive.. (unfortunatly as am I) it comes from there!! so goodbye to my FB friends... but that is okay... I will survive and my kids will have me 10 more minutes a day!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Reunion. 2010

Okay ... I did it backwards.. but it'll all come out in the wash...
This vacation was full of a lot of hurry up and waits... but it was all good.. good to see family we have not seen for a long time.. and will miss alot now that they are gone.

This is John Sacks cabin.. how amazing this man was.. (in Island Park) what a beautiful setting..
Car show in West Yellowstone the weekend we were there...Tyler needless to say..in HEAVEN he filled the memory in his phone and ran the battery dead taking pics... there were some very NICE cars there.

Gift shop bear.. kinda cute.. in a cheesy sorta way.. but that is what vaca with kids is all about!!

John Sacks cabin again.. Grandma and Keradyn..

on the trail..to the cabin

waiting for old faithful.

very pretty to look at but not too pretty to smell as Keradyn said..

This actually was my favorite part of the trip...we went to Hoytsville...Yes it does exsist! and we saw the Hoyt Mansion.. amazing it was built in 1860's???around there.. Just beautiful. Now of course there have been upgrades but much is origional..

Barn in the back..

a shed off to the side.. don't know what it was used for but very cool to see all the detail and time put in to these walls and fences and homes..

origional fireplace, just is mindblowing to me that they took this much time to make these show pieces and I complain about having to vaccuum.

the house is on... Hoyt LN. how cool is that?

Bear Lake was the beginning of the trip..
Tea Party time for the boys who did not go fishing.. they had to be gentlemen and sit the ladies and push in thier chairs etc... what a handsome set..

Flower craft.. and pedicures and fairy houses were the other activites of the day and of couse swimming..

we enjoyed spending time with family this week now it is back to the grind of daily life..one child short.. Tyler left for the Windrivers Monday morning.. I miss him already.. and it is only 6 hours in.. what am I going to do until Saturday??