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Monday, August 31, 2009

busy weekend

Sunday we went to the Choir Broadcast and walked around a little after.. JayCee loved wandering around the visitor center seeing all the pictures of Jesus and going to see the Christus. It was a lot of fun... Happy Birthday Mom... Clint suggested the trip for part of my mom's B-day gift because he does not really enjoy classical music but he is trying to broaden his horizons.. as well as the kids.

also on Sun. we had a court of Honor for Tyler and he earned 6 merit badges and his life rank advancement. Way to Go!!

now on to the meat of the weekend... SOCCER
Ansen's team lost but he had fun.. Tylers team again... WON by a lot! like usual. I love going to watch my boys play.. and the season should prove to be an adventure. But bring it on!!
we love a challenge.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

first days...

Lot For Sale!!

Well the first thing is... we demolished my grandmas house nextdoor to my parents.. the boys loved watching the big trucks and loaders...

Jordan is growing up so much.. we love being around him and watching him learn new things. He loves being with Kyley and going outside with her.

First Day Of School
Kindergarden is so exciting... Keradyn is so happy to finally go school.

Ansen and Kyley go the same school now they run out the back door to catch the bus.
And Tyler did not stay in the house long enough for me to take a picture of him but he is sure growing up! I am sure we will have soccer photos soon of my 2 soccer boys games start on Sat. 29 so they are excited... well in a nutshell that is our last couple of weeks

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bee Stings and More...

Kyley got second place on her pillow case in the County Fair.. Way to Go!!

My only Child who goes in search of bees is horribly allergic... this time he was farming and climbed over a gate and the Bees ATTACKED!!! and look at the CHEEKS on my cute boy!!

Jordan is 3 month old now and is so much fun he loves to be held and kissed and loved... and there is no shortage of that right now.. but when the kids start back to school (in 6 days) I am worried...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Freezing Sunshine...

Well for a fun weekend we went Camping...yes w ith a 3 month old... actually it was fun.. but COLD and wet and muddy as you can see by the final pic. just a quick rundown on the trip... Dyn and Tyler caught a fish.. Dyn all by himself and then he ran away from it because it was flipy-floppy he said.. so the next time you see him ask him about it.

We went to Marsh Lake and it was fun but only about 40-50 degrees for a high and everything was frozen Sun. morning. Very pretty and good to get away.. more photos to come later... my parents and bro. dave and Devery and Matt (her boyfriend) all came it was good to be able to play with all of them. and we went on a hike we figure it was about 3 mi. round trip.. JC did it pretty much by himself. and I did not take my camera on the hike so my family took photo's
so more of Sargent Lake to come...

but now we are home and I am off to clean the burban and Trailer... Gross I think that we have 2 inches of mud on the running boards...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Big Boy...

Well he is finally 3 or 5 depends on who you talk to if you ask Jay he is 5 but really only 3 but eithor way JayCee you are my cute boy (not to say that my others aren't) We Love You!

It took forever to get him to open his presents he just wanted to play with his 2 cars that he got or then the soccer ball and then he could hardly wait to get the hoop open... and put together. Now we can play (sortof) full court ball downstairs.. a few obsticals get in the way.. ie.. pool table

August Already??

well I cannot believe that school time is rolling around again.. yet, what a refreshing thought! only 2 boys at home... what am I to do? Hopefully enjoy some peace in life again. The little boys are constantly beating the crap out of each other... yesterday poor Dyn got the worst of it... Ansen was not going to lose.. so he has made dyn look like he has gone through a battle field.. hopefully he will forget and let me take a picture eventually. he says he looks too horrible for pics! this is my project that I have been working on and finally finished.. clint is happy to have his garage back..