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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a few random thoughts

UEA break was kindof a wash....Clint still had to work on Friday and Jordan was kinda sick... so we just hung out and cleaned the house and went to the farm and did just random things.. we did rent a few movies and had ordered pizza and few fun things like that .. Grandparents and Devery took Kyley and Ansen hiking and got some fun pics that I am excited to post when I get a copy!!
but here are a few random fun pics...
jordan loves balloons...
Farm... can't get enough of this beautiful weather...we love to be outside and what better place??

shadow fighting.

our next favorite thing is...Yep you guessed it Tea Party!! My boys think this is so fun!

tucking the animals in for a nap!!.... before I decide it is thier turn..

Tea party again..

SV Cats Soccer... MUCH better finish this year!!

cheer run!!
after each game they line up and they run across the field and then on the way back all the parents and others cheer for them... they are supossed to stay in a line.. you can see how well that works.. you would think they could have it figured out by now!??

This is Ansen if you can tell. They did so much better this year.. Love watching all these boys they are such a great team with awsome coaches! Can't wait for spring!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one at a time

Tyler turned 15
Where did my sweet little boy go? well he has turned in to a great big sweet boy (sorry Young Man) taller than his mother, aunts grandmas and Grandpa Greene but not quite dad and grandpa Hoyt yet... LOVE THIS KID TO DEATH I DO!!
basket ball playing with JayCee is pretty risky business for tyler but he is a good big brother..
don't know if you can see the paper...Elmo in firefrucks!! LOVE it!!

I have become the custom cake person expecially in Sept.. with 5 birthdays.. cake gets old!
This is Key Lime Pie..(key lime birthday pie)

we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and Clint has those saddle ridin' pics on his phone.. so maybe next post!