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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Down on Grandpa's farm...

 when we are not on a soccer field or watching basketball (go aggies)
we are usually at the farm..
 the kids love to be there and love to be able to pretty much do as they please.
 grooming cows..
 Tyler has something in his mouth.. not too pleasant obviously..

I love that they love to help...and play. everyday
when Clint comes home from work they ask.."are we going
to the farm today Dad?" and if he says yes..off they go to the garage to change. if no.. they ask when..
so happy they enjoy it..

Friday, September 21, 2012

BIG Fish...

 Well the first week in Sept. Clint and his dad and bro. went to Alaska fishing..Clint caught an 82 in halibut, that is just over 300 lbs the smaller one here is 220 lbs.. and an octopus and a double ugly fish.. I will post pics of the last 2 later...But to Miss Greene's Class...This is a BiG fish!!
The boys on the boat and their silvers..
first big halibut.. not big enough to keep!! maybe we will get you in a couple of years...They had so much fun..I am worried that it was almost too much..

Monday, June 18, 2012

more on tender mercies...

I chose to put this pic up.. it is a little easier to look at for me than some of the other ones I took..but
I have always been very sad to say goodbye to a vehicle when we sell it or wreck it.. but seeing this one go the way of the junk yard (more than likely) I can only say... Thank You  for doing your job and keeping my children safe...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

tender mercies...

I have had an eye opening experience the past day..one I hope to never have again...I got a phone call that my children had been in an accident.. thank goodness I did not know the extent or I would have been crazier than I already was.  I rushed to them and found that Heavenly Father had sent so many angels to protect my precious cargo I can't even explain my feelings when I saw the front end of my truck all smashed in and 2 ambulances 10 police cars and multiple firetrucks and then my children sitting crying on the side of the road..and finding out that it was a head on colision and my children walked away. I am so grateful for knowledgable emt's and  firefighters and police officers and doctors at the ER that took such good care of my children. I do not know other than angels.. how my kids walked from this.. looking now at the truck the engine should have been on their laps but inside the truck cab there is not much damage and as for airbags the drivers side did deploy and tyler  has no injuries at all from that. and kyleys was disabled..They are okay... banged, bruised, concussions. But they are alive and here for me to enjoy still.. I guess I needed this, to be a reminder of what is really important in life..I wish I did not require such a big hammer to help me understand..The truck is a total loss I am sure. but it is just stuff... I am sooooo  grateful for a protecting hand of a loving heavenly father. I may post pic of the truck but not now.. too fresh for viewing.. and with a heavy heart a police officer came to inform us last night that the lady who hit them did not survive.. so my prayers are with that family as well as with my own sweet children...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Life at the Hoyts lately...

This is what we have been doing....

soccer... farm.. soccer....soccer..soccer....and more soccer...I do find sometime in there to clean my house and workout...but mostly soccer.. and we love it!!!