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Friday, July 24, 2009

Now What

Okay to start out... Jordan is sleeping and I have so much to do I do not know where to start so yes, here I sit... Tyler, Clint, and now Ansen are all at Camp Bartlett for Scout camp I hope they are all safe and having fun. So a run down on the photos and what we've been up to-
Kyley has been in a 4-H group these past few weeks... she has done sewing and cooking... all the things that she cooks have been eaten too fast for me to take pics.. but the sewing has been very fun for her she has learned a lot.. Thanks Shanae!!
2 pillow cases and a pillow and a couple of bags.. very fun.
Cache Cup is over!! and we did not do so well (we lost every game) but they did I hope learn a few things.. (Tyler is on the far side.) They had a lot of fun playing. They had one hot game and two not too hot games they were in the morning..
they did play MUCH better than last year.
It was fun watching I do love watching tyler play and I am very much looking forward to Ansen starting his season!

Dad brought us home some christmas fixens' to play
with this is a sleigh kit...
and sticking with the whole

Socks, socks and more socks...

My mom the sock-o-hollic... she called me and asked if the kids needed socks.. yes we can always use socks... with 5 boys holes (of any shape and size) are always in fashion in our house!
so she came bringing 63 pairs of socks and the total bill for all this (that of course Grandma footed yes, pun intended!!!) 10 bucks! we love the sock factory!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Can you just tell that these two are....TROUBLE?
I have decided that Dyn is a pretty good photographer... Jordan looks pretty cute in red
Dyn loves to take pics of Jordan

This is the cutest...
(anything you can do I can do better... I can do anything better than you!)
Shayley, Ryley, Jordan and JayCee... to really complete the pic. we should have Brynly and Dyn too.. all within a couple of months of each other (mine all boys, Traci's all girls... watch out for later years..)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th weekend

Kyley and Ansen got to go on bike ride with Hoyts and they went to Lee's and got lunch and then went to a park and ate it... they said "long ride!" then they went swimming. then we all went to the fireworks... (Ty has been sick so he missed out on the bike ride and the swimming.)
This was the project of the century for me. We redid out pool table and finally brought it in the house... so it meant hours in the garage and hours spent rearranging the basement... which gave me a bug to rearrange and redo a few other projects... but as you can see from the slate behind kyley it needed to be redone...(ugly and HORRIBLY dirty)
but now if you look at it, it is very pretty and I love it in my house and the kids love it and love to play it! as do clint and I.

this is in the kids play room they lost a big chunk of the room but right now they are okay with that. We will see how long that lasts... so in the moving things around to make this giant fit in the house we pushed the couch closer to the TV and the Air Hockey table went behind the couch in the family room and the pool table in the Playroom what a mess (all of my scrapbook stuff was under the hockey table) it just tells me that we need a bigger house... (jk) that would mean I would have to clean a bigger house.. and if you have been over lately... not happening!!

Jordan is growing so fast... it almost makes me sad, but I love to watch him learn to use his hands and grab things.

after spending the weekend on the table... the house had been seriously neglected.. so before we could play we all had to help... Tyler and Kyley folded 7 loads of laundry and Ansen did stacks of dishes... (happily as you can see) then we all went downstairs and had game night

2 month check up he weighed 12lb. and 13oz. and is 23 in. long he is such a happy boy!