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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept. Crazy Times

Jordan at Lagoon...He was so good all day!

Okay pics are in random order so small captions are added to keep you . (and me) on track.... so basics for Sept are as follows...
Keradyn turned 6 Kyley 11 Tyler 14 and Moms (both) turned 29 holding those age retention permits tightly! Jordans 4 mo. check wt. 16lbs. and 25in long doing well. we went to Lagoon for the kids first time... very fun they enjoyed it once they got into it and Keradyn wanted to go on the BIG rides and they would not let him on Jet Star but I took him on the Roller coaster and he was not going to do that again.. but ansen on the other hand LOVED it and many other big rides! And my washer broke... in the first pic. here.. I took all this laundry to my moms and my inlaws... THANK YOU for letting me use your washing facilities and also for living so CLOSE.

9 loads of laundry..to be washed somewhere else... what a nightmare!


bumper cars... all the kids fav... Clints too!

we spent a lot of time kiddie land! LOTS and LOTS

this is about Clints level of excitement, this is about the biggest ride he went on, he did go on Puff, doesn't he look Happy and glad to be there?

Tyler hamming for the Camera Happy Birthday!

Kid Photo at Lagoon!

This is the first time Tyler and Kyley went on a BIG ride

Carmel Popcorn for a Birthday Cake...?? Happy Birthday to you!

Kyley getting bonked.. doesn't she look thrilled??

Jordan loves my dad to whisper in his ear. more of a grumble.

Keradyn wanted rice krispie treats for his "cake" with 5 in the month I do what ever..

Keradyn after getting bonked... and as you can see in the background... every one sits nicely with their feet on the floor (except for TYLER)

Ansen's team is learning ... not doing so well but getting better..