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Thursday, July 29, 2010

summer happening so far

First Beware... a bit of a picture overload!!
this is a bit of our summer so far.. many more to come.. Vacation next week so beware...
24th of July we went to grandmas for dinner and I only took pics of Jordan... then we went to watch the fireworks in North Logan.
CACHE CUP 2010!!
dad coached so I had the boys alone... Kyley went to salt lake to see the pioneer concert with my dad so.. really I was alone with my little boys... try to keep 4 boys entertained while trying to watch soccer and keep them hydrated and in the shade...NIGHTMARE... but we did fine all in all.
we sat in the shade and I tried to think of anything that they would play with while sitting...

amazing that these boys did not pass out...103 degrees...

Morning game was a little cooler I did not MAKE them stay in the shade. they had a bit more freedom

Sprinkler for the first time...he now loves to go into any sprinkler.. still does not like a pool.

Tyler gets up at 5:30 to go work out and then comes home and dies on the couch (usually with a book in hand this time he put in on the couch) after eating 3 breakfasts...

This is Dyns sunflower...needless to say it is not in the ground anymore Ansen broke it off but I was quite impressed with how well it did concidering it came from a seed from school.
he took the breaking very well... I was impressed not even one beating...or screaming.
REDNECK waterslide (this was our ward party!)
This is Tyler at the bottom of the big slide..
devery with jordan on the little slide notice the mud.. then the next pic..

Jay after 2 times down the little slide he was black and his shirt gross brown when we went home.

Kyley and Devery coming down the big slide...
Really this was alot of fun... the kids did not want to come home.. JayCee was terrified to go down this one the first time but after going once...that is all it took...
what a fun day...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

another random posting

Pack Meeting tonight was the Raingutter Regatta ..
I was trying to keep our distance from others... I have stomach flu or Food poisoning...
Pics like this are the only ones I took on the 4th of July weekend...we did nothing but we had a lot of fun..

His new play pen... he goes and crawls into the Laundry basket and just lounges.. he probly enjoys the quiet...HaHaHa
He also LOVES watermellon.. and has realized that if you squish it...
well it makes a big mess!
this pic is just fun... I love the things he gets into.

wants to be like the big kids...

His new found hobby is pulling all the flowers off the stem...so my flower beds look Horrible but he enjoys being outside...

this is Ansen doing his raingutter regatta..it took some adjustment but we finally figured it out and got it to work right!

Soccer pics to come soon...Cache Valley Cup is in the works right now... so posted soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We did go to Salt Lake a played for a day or two... Jordan was sick so we cut our trip short and I feel bad but we will go back and do the other days of things that we were going to do..
We only went to the zoo and then the kids went to the Oakridge Boys concert.. yes they are old and the kids were not impressed but they are always running around singing Elvira, it makes me laugh.. Associated Food Stores always does a concert during their food show and this was it.. usually it is someone a little younger...but.. it was free...
My monkeys!!
Ansen hates to have to stand still and to have to do anything that is NOT his idea...

they actually did have fun.. we spent more time at the playground part of the zoo than looking at animals but the enjoyed it!

the things that my kids do with vinyl scraps... (and balloons) Hut ball!!

my first popcicle... and he has had 4 a day since..