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Monday, January 31, 2011

Things we've been up to...

the kids love building...it takes getting something else to build with to get out the old toys... we got tinkertoys for christmas so now we play with the legos...
This is my beautiful sister..on her 21st birthday...LOVE her..

cape city at our house.. dress ups are great.. we spend (I spend) more time picking up dress ups but at least they are getting played with!

just to preface this.. I HATE having things on my counters.. I don't mind some decor and a few things but cluttered counters is not my thing!!!
I have needed to paint my pantry shelves for a while.. it has been since we moved in and they get more use than anything else in the house.. so it has been time for a while.. well for some crazy reason I decided Sat. around 4 to pull out the paint and empty and clean and paint the pantry!! so this is how my kitchen and laundry room have looked all weekend ...AAUUGGHH!!!
my microwave and bread containers taking up WAY too much space on the counter..I don't know what I would do if this had to sit on my counter...the electrition thought I was crazy asking for a plug in my pantry.. but I love having it out of the way... it is amazing at how many times we have opened the pantry door only to realize that everything is on the counter.. already

this is the laundry room...what a mess.. I looked at this room and thought to myself.. oh my heck WHY did I do this..??
I forgot to take before pics so imagine scuffed shelves with the wood showing through and I even realized that I had not even painted my small shelves above my garbage cans.. they were mdf and already white.. so I don't even think I ever painted them...

clean painted pantry! so nice I almost just want to leave it nice and clean and empty.. until I look around..it took 1 1/2 days to dry..because the door kept getting shut so it took too long but so happy it is all back together and I have my counters back!

this is the pantry all put back together..so much better... it really surprises me at how much stuff you can squeeze in to a small space..
Now I guess I need to attack my storage room it really could use some arranging too.. but at least NO painting!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Things we love and love...and love..

YOU miss 100% of the shots you don't take...
so be brave and shoot!
after having 5 boys.. we have so many basket balls and soccer balls and volley balls around the house I am about ready to hang myself in the net that goes to something... Aggie Basketball is quickly coming to an end.. and we are always a little sad about that.. our family loves the games and we love spending that time together.. but basketball being over gives way to our favorite sport...Soccer.. and so much excitement is already filling our house...when are we going to start to practice?? is Tyler going to make the HIGH SCHOOL team..wow that was a hard thing to swallow...
I am getting old...they are doing afterschool workouts.. and Tyler is so happy to stay after school and do that..it is amazing what will motivate!
so much more to tell but at a later time!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


LOve those T-parties...
So proper
gotta keep those pinkies up!
always ask to pass never reach...(and ask with an accent)

only talk of appropriate things...

and always enjoy the time together...

Thank You Grandma for all the fun t-parties..

Monday, January 3, 2011

goodbye 2010 hello 2011

we love max lucado...if I only had a green nose... they love to paint..
santa did find us this year...
and the Tea Party.. we love to have tea parties.. dad even got in on this one! Love it! I have so many pics this time of these type things for the holidays!... more on tea parties later...

is my head straight yet?? she cannot hold her head UP for a picture to save her life!!
I do sure love my family... we have had an awsome holiday and I can honestly say...today is kindof a sad day for me to send them all back to school but also I AM READY to send them back and they also are ready to go! but some of the highlights of the holidays were...
-tea parties..3 of them..
-Edee +family they came to see us from Cali
-bethlehem walk... we walked down to the barn and talked about how hard it must have been for mary and Joseph..
-nativity and the christ centered christmas.. if you have not read this book I would advise it for next year along with a new nativity..
-santa of course..
-LOTS of family time!! dad did not go to work much..
-aggie ballgames before and after..
LOVE the feeling that this holiday time brings.. the making of goals....and trying to be better.
may we do the same all year..bring that christmas spirit into the coming year and enjoy the little things for one day we will look back and realize these were the BIG things...