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Saturday, June 27, 2009

fun photos

Happy Fathers Day... LATE okay I (like usual) did not take my camera when we did fathers day dinner at Hoyt's house. and my dad was out of town so sorry to the Dad's in our lives... We Do LOVE and appreciate all you do for us!!!
Isn't this the best photo ever... okay some of you might not think so but right now, I do!!
I love my dad he is the best grandpa.. we were at the cemetary for my grandma bowns funeral and if you know my dad... he always migrates towards babies... anyway.. cute picture thanks dad for always being the best dad and greatest grandpa!!
My Parents and Dev have been on tour with Mo-Tab Choir for 2 weeks and I told Clint... I promise that when they get back... we will be able to go on a date.. my dad gets grandchild deprived... so he will willingly take the kids for a while.. (as they do always. but I won't have to ask this time)
Cute Kid Photos

Funny Face... Sortof..

Okay my doctor has a picture of his kids (5) all in a circle so I thought I would try it...seeing as how that is a good way to get them all in the photo! although next time they all need to match.. this was a spur of the moment picture...(lay on the floor kids with your heads touching... they thought I was a few sandwiches short of a picnic!) they turned out kinda cute! Cute enough that I took this bottom one and put is as our 8X10 in the living room... I redid the photos on the wall and they are all snapshots so I can update more often (yah right, but the idea is good and has to count for something!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is Here

My Favorite Girls

Okay while Clint and I were in SLC Devery and Kyley went off and had pictures taken of them they turned out cute!!

When we were waiting for Jordans Blessing info... Bro. Ricks (former bishopric member) asked keradyn if he helped with the baby and if he did everything I asked.. he said yes I do.. then he asked even change diapers? dyn said no because my mom hasn't asked me too. so he decided to try.. and he did pretty good for his first try!

Jordan is growing up!! He is getting pretty strong. and he is such a good baby!

dyn loves him and always wants his picture taken with him

as far as Ty getting his trophy they have not given them yet! Hopefully soon
and photos from our SLC trip... NONE it rained the entire time so Jordan and I stayed indoors and were really lazy and just hung out on the couch and totally vegged.. but it was good to get away!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Lazy Dayze...NOT

Okay Lots has happened in the last little while.. Yesterday Sun June 7 we blessed Jordan and It poured so we had to eat indoors but that is okay I was prepared, the house was clean!
Ty went to the Dr. for his scout check up and is offically grounded for growing up! He is 5'6 and that is crazy!! I say no more growing!JK I hope he grows to be taller than his dad!

Ty before his last season game!

Funny JayCee he loves to pose for the camera

Ty thought he was a smarty pants and took a photo of Himself... (good job)

jordan is one month old and I weighed him at Ty's apt. and he weighs 10lb. 8 oz. my baby chunker!!
This is as close as we get to family photos but it is cute!! I love my kids! Dyn loves all of his siblings as long as they are doing as he wants!

This is Kyley playing with all the neighbor kids the day school got out.

Now that school is out I don't quite know what to do with the kids... so hopefully we will find some fun things to do!

This is the hail that began to pile up during ONE of our rainstorms it has hailed every day at least once for almost a week. (small pile) all of our neighbors have flooded Thanks to our fabulous builder we have not! When it rains now we all watch the fountains that the drain boxes turn in to at the condo retention ponds.. they are gross brown water but very cool to watch.

and sooon to come Ty and his #1 trophy from soccer they took their division again... by a huge difference they had 42 pts and I think the next team had around 20 they are an amazing team.. no team photo though. I did not go to the game tonight (too cold and rainy and...) Ansen has been asked to try out for a competitive team as well so maybe I will be totally insane and have 2 boys on teams in the fall but if it will make them happy it is all worth it.. so soon photos of ansens tryouts! And Clint & I are going out of town for a few days so I hope it does not just pour on us while we are gone.. he still has to go to work, but Jordan and I are planning at least a walk around Temple Square! (we are going to enjoy the big town SLC) it is AFS food show and they put on a few fun things... so I am excited to just get away.. we haven't for a while.