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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MAY update

WELCOME to the crazy life of the Hoyt family.... wow what a month May has been

This is the cool way to pull weeds.
Kyley had a science fair project (on something they learned in science) and she did pretty well.. cute presentation at least.

okay we have been really busy this past Month and for most of it I FORGOT the camera. I will try to be better this next week... I take it out of the diaper bag and that is the end of that... so well to update a bit.. Jordan is growing and eating continually and I love to watch all his stretching and listen to his grunting and making noises. Jay finally has decided that he is not too bad. well in the past weeks we have had Chelsey speak (return missionary) my grandma Bown pasted away and so we had a funeral in Orem.. it was good to see my family again it has been a long long time since we were down in the Provo area to visit. and then two family parties we had a greene party last saturday and then a wood party today along with a soccer game (Tyler scored!! YEAH for you Ty) so poor Jordan has had a busy life so far... I hope for his sake and mine that life slows a bit for a while. (but Mon. we have a soccer game in Brigham) You know what they say... "no rest for the wicked" ??? or was that the rightous? who knows but all I know is NO rest for us.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jordan at 2 weeks

Jordan now weighs 7lbs.14 oz. so 1lb. in 2 weeks he will be a big boy! This is the outfit that the ladies at clints work gave him... it is very appropriate!

Fun boy it did come with a bib but he pulls it up to his face and then cries because he can't see.

if he survives... he will be one tough boy! JayCee loves to carry him around.. Ijust have to make sure that his arms are under jordans so that he does not slip out!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just For Fun

Todays photo: 12 days old. Lovin the swing.
this is today also.. he is growing up so much.. It is so hard to belive that heis almost 2 weeks old. He is such a fun part of our family.

Jordan is getting a personality... he is a morning child... I am not a Morning MOM!!
But slowly I am becoming more of a morning person, but summer is coming and I am afraid I will revert back to sleeping in.

This is Clints cute soccer team.
They are missing the 2 girlie-girls on his team, they had a dance review.

Ansen has been struggling with reading so we are hoping that reading to Jordan will help.

Jordan seems to like it..

JayCee sleeping...on the bench downstairs...

My kids have the ability to sleep Any where... I have photos of my kids sleeping on the stairway, in the shower, and on the magnadoodles, and now on the picnic bench downstairs.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

you got the cutest little baby face

I can't believe how much he is changing!!! this is today...may 12
6 days old

this was sat may 9 3 days old

this was thurs. may 7 Amazing!! 1 day old
I'm having a hard time watching him grow up already!!

JayCee showing off his rules!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The World Of Boys

Welcome to the Crazy world of...Hoyt BOYS
Jordan Brown Hoyt
Born May 6, 2009 at 11:40 am
6lb. 12 oz. and 19 in.long
fast as usual... 2 hrs. from the beginning of pit until he was in my arms...
and everyone loves him.. even Kyley (finally)
We tried really hard to not let JayCee too close he has been so sick fevers of 101+ and croup and yuck nose... he has had it all.. but he loves the "baby" he will not say Jordan
my little angel boy he has been a really good boy so far... kinda spitty and he only sleeps during the day but what else could I expect.

Dyn loves him and always wants to be with him...

They all fight over him right now...
but no one wants him when it is time for a diaper change...
my cute baby doctor told me to instigate a new rule at home... if you find it... take care of it.
(meaning the poop in the diaper) or when it is time to clean up any spit-up it is here mom he needs you!

WOW...My SIX (I feel tired just looking) kids and I love every one of them.
They are such good kids and great helpers. I was told Tyler even folded 2 loads of Laundry.
Dad has even decided that this new little one is not too bad... he even wants to hold him.

JayCee is really enjoying being a big brother. And it makes it a lot
better when Mom gets home faster than planned!! Yeah!!!

Dad is pretty proud of his family and I think he should be!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Events of the Week

Okay we drove out to Uncle Jerals farm on Sunday for something to do... and this bull was amazingly friendly all of the boys petted him (is that a word? petted?) even JayCee kept saying I want to pet that bull dad...

Keradyn has learned to ride the Red Rocket...he thinks he is big stuff!! he learned pretty much all by himself and has done really well.
Okay no baby yet.. Obviously! but soon.. Wednesday the 6th of not before. So stay tuned...
anyway the soccer games have not gone too well lately.. Tylers team is winning but the other two boys are not doing so well. They will get better (I HOPE)
.....Stay Tuned for Baby Hoyt info... at least posted by Friday...(if I don't lose my mind by then)