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Monday, April 19, 2010

The First BIG Sat.

Love being outside!!
Ansen is doing a lot better in soccer this year.. still a defender and being a lot more aggressive!
Go Cats!!

Love my little Jordan.. how can you not love that face!!

Keradyn scored 3 goals on Sat. I am so proud of him.. I can't wait to watch him play!

Getting ready for Grandpa to come pick up these guys..

gives new meaning to go get in the fridge for that!

Showman ship show...
I missed the morning show going to Ansen's soccer game..

Tyler in the ring.. Watching the judge.. (notice NO smile) I told him that he better smile..
OBEDIENCE is not on his mind! Maybe the cute girl next to him??

Kyley in the ring...
she got the snot knocked out of her in this show
but she held her ground and I am so proud of her!!
64lb kyley against 1083lb. heifer.. she did good..

Tyler before the show.. getting ready..

Kyley getting ready to enter the ring... she might not have done well but I love her and am so happy that she is my daughter.. she gave it her all ... and I think she should have gotten bonus points for smiling.. even when she was getting smashed into the fence...

I am very proud of my two big kids.. they had a hard day and they kept their energy up and I was impressed with their spirits... they placed last in all thier shows but a very good learning experience... we will do better next year.
Good Job to all my kids for doing thier best on Sat in all their events...I am proud of you all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break Happenings

Spring Break is now over and the kids are all back in school and I am somewhat sad, I have enjoyed having them home... we have been taking care of the cows while Grandparents are in Florida visiting Cam and Mary.. and we have enjoyed spending time outside at the farm.
We did not Go anywhere but we did spend time together and I did not even make them clean too much.. (which I am sure they appreciated) but we did do dinner at Sizzler and we did a few other fun things.. we watched a couple of movies and had LOTS of treats but.. it is all over now and I am back to cleaning the house... but here are a few pics of our week.
Pokies in my boots...
and my boots...
I took 5 pics of Kyley walking Emma and she looks terrified in all of them we have to teach her how to walk with a smile!

Washing...scrubbing and washing again..

Tyler always takes good pics with his cow.. he is really enjoying having her..

The little boys just love being at the farm..Jordan included.. he gets so excited when we go see the cows

Jay love Kyley's cow NOT Tylers.

We also went to the zoo.. Just willow park and a lot of the exhibits were still closed because it is too cold.

Ashley left on Wed. the 7th we are missing her but are so proud and excited to watch her and our family grow in the gospel.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Happenings'

The profoundly creative Ansen...(need I say more?)
Jordan is beginning to cruise lots around things...
it will not be long before he take that first step.

Coloring Easter eggs at grandma's house.. thank goodness for Grandma's

Lovin' on Aunt Ashley.. Soon to be Sis. Hoyt We will miss her!

Being on Fire at Grandma Greene's "Firing Grandpa"

Keradyn behind the Camera Happy Easter!

Easter Day at Greene's Thanks Nancy for the Chickens!! we love em!

Really getting into my food.. Grilled cheese sandwich.

We had a great easter holiday... and are excited about spring break..
2 kids went to conference and always enjoy it!
Spring Break starts out snowing... hopefully it will end better and we will be able to play outside a bit.. so stay tuned for Spring Break Happenings...