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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Birthday... and Lagoon

She is 12, where did the time go??
This is how we spent Kyley's birthday... 2 hours of Young Womens Volleyball...HaHaHa sneaky.. she thinks.. barely 12 today and already 2 young women activities.. LOVES it! We have such good young women and leaders...
Sizzler for dinner.
Heavy Heavy Hangover thy poor head.. and with Jay doing the bonking.. it is true.. I must be carefull in letting him do the bonking! **side note.. already on the phone.. ignoring the fact that we are all there watching and waiting at 10pm for her to open gifts.. at least everyone is in jammies...typical 12 yr. old girl***

12 candles was not as easy as she thought!


this should have been the last pic.. ready to go home...
they had fun.. but after 7 hours of Lagoon...enough is enough... Kyley, Tyler in the back... Dad and Dyn in the middle...Dyn was upset at having to go on this ride he wanted to go so bad last year and was 1/2 in. too short...now just 1/2 in too scared..
Jordan loved Kiddie land.. puff not so much but all the planes and things like that..:)

JayCee kinda go a bit sick on this one.. but still enjoyed it..

Thank You AFS for doing Lagoon day... Can't beat 8 people into lagoon for the price of gas down and home and I do end up buying dinner on the way home because I am lazy and do NOT want to cook after a day in the sun...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Month is such a SPECIAL one...

This is the first of many posts like this!!!
this month is such a special one it's birthdaytime for you... we'd really like to celebrate..
and we do...
2 keradyn
3 grandma greene
9 kyley
22 tyler
28 grandma hoyt
and if you really wanted to get picky.. 3-4 more cousins..
Keradyn's birthday is on the 2nd of Sept. the first of a busy month for us... Favorite color... as you can tell...is green.. no it is yellow.
we also did corn this month.. lots of corn. about 35-40 doz.... but is all in the freezer now and it feel good to know that I have enough for the next year. and as you can see.. we all spent time shucking, washing, cutting and cooking and bagging..Jay even helped he loved being able to help daddy cut..

we went Bowling for Keradyn's birthday.. Clint and I always take the birthday child out to dinner Keradyn wanted to go bowling for his day... we had fun...

Labor day we went to the zoo and to grandmas (both) house to play.. with JayCee and Jordan the other kids and Clint went fishing in Kamas, Jordan LOVED the swing.

one more thing.. to end the post...My BABY girl turns 12 on Thurs. the Young Women came to get her and took her to play Mini-Golfing.. she had a lot of fun. her leaders brought her these cupcakes... very cute!!