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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Treat or No Treat...

Do you know that there are instructions on the back of this on how to open the package?? who is dumb enough to need that? I think that if you need instructions...you should not be allowed this much sugar...
Treat or NO Treat?
depends on who you are talking to!
I hate ironing.. HATE it! and now that Tyler has made the soccer team I have even more...5 boys and a husband...AAUUGGHH thank goodness that kyley is pretty low key..
These are the St. Patties day flowers.. I love fresh cut flowers..Thanks to my man.. I almost always have fresh flowers.. right now I have 2 doz. roses on the table.. they are beautiful!!
Definitly a TREAT!!
This whole story is a TREAT!!
OREOS... who does not LOVE oreos? well the story goes...
Jordan wanted a treat so I sent him to the storage room thinking he would get gummies...no.. he brought up these.. which was fine...so I give him an oreo and set him at the counter..so as not to have an oreo house..

he breaks them apart and picks all the frosting out..

and licks his finger...

and leaves the cookie on the counter and reaches for another dose of sugar...would have been easier for me to give him the sugar bowl or a container of frosting.. but this is much more fun...

and is loving life...he can clean the cookie completely!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back at it!!

He plays for this team...SV
and it was so good to see him back in uniform and playing what he loves...(he is on the V)

even if it did rain and it was cold and he sat a lot.. but 15 minutes for a freshman.. I cannot complain...

Go #23... and the other boys too.. I only knew about 6 or 7 but I am sure as the season goes on that will change!! #34 is Brendan, 12 is Hayes and 28 is Zach..

I never thought I could say I LOVE SOCCER... but I do.. and so do all of my kids!! I was not raised in a sports home.. theatrical.. yes..sports all came from the hubby end.. but that is okay.. we love it and my family is falling right in line!!

Go Sky View!! by the way they lost..0-1 same score for Varsity and JV! (played Wasatch from Heber)
I am kinda sad that I will miss his next 2 games.. I hate to miss any of my kids' games.. Tylers next 2 are in Utah County.. and I just do not think that we will drive to watch!

Monday, March 14, 2011

This is what it gets ya...

Having 6 kids I think on occasion... is... well crazy.. but I really would not trade it for anything and the chance I have to stay home and be a mommy to this brude.. I love (almost) every minute!! Between Mutual, scouts and soccer practices, and it is calving season too! and an occasional date night.. it is always crazy at our house.. but I have decided that I must thrive on chaos...it gives me purpose..if I have a gazillion things to do .. I must prioritize and that is good..nothing to do.. I can be lazy that is NOT good. so chaos it is..
Homework time at our house is a nightmare lately..I HATE it!! we finally get around to homework around... (well after dinner).. then it is fight fight fight...but for some reason.. this day was a good day... even Jordan joined in doing homework...
Pretty serious...(LOVE the way he holds his pen.)
and then there is always the time out times.. Tyler and Jay were fighting so Clint had them come up and sit on time out.. well the next thing you know...YEP... so much for time out!...it is now officially NAP time.
Tyler got to get off and JayCee got to go to Bed..
LOVE my kids..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

He fits right in...

Stairway Sleeping is my childrens specialty... they have all fallen asleep on the stairway.. but boy a day of playing with friends takes a toll on ya...
Way To Go Jordan...
yes the orange stuff are gold fishies...

it is rough being little!! Just sayin...
Love those crossed feet...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dad is getting old.. and as wise as me!!

This is the kids helping make Dad's Birthday cake...(eating the topping..oreos)
JayCee asked if he could have milk and of course Jordan needed to have milk to dunk into too!...He had both hands in his cup!

Keradyn Loves His Daddy.. He is always trying to one up and say I Love You first..
Dad's Birthday cake was Goooooo-oooood!
He even licked his bowl.. and JayCee's bowl too!
Dad making a plan ... Just in case I had trick candles..

Happy 34th Birthday Clint..
.I Love You and I am very lucky to have you in my life You are such a good husband and a great Daddy!!
...I could not ask for more!