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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

important parts...

Where to start?

we have been busy with birthdays and soccer..but in the past few weeks.. this has been the best thing that we have been busy with.....the days leading to this.. not so much the best.. but it lets me know that we have much work to do and that this is an important start and satan is on the prowl doing what he can to discourage any and all good starts...and that if we do our part..no matter how hard or how much we are tried..with our Saviour and Heavenly Fathers help.. and some work of our own.. we can get through ANY thing! Tyler was able to baptize Keradyn
what an amazing thing to watch 2 of your boys go together into the waters of baptism and hopefully build a stronger bond together..
we did have to put Keradyns baptism off for a month to let Tyler turn 16..(yep, I am old) but watching them do this together.. and having Tyler be so confident...it was worth it. (makes me know for assurity that our Heavenly Father loves us all so much.)

wow WOW wow everyone is smiling and looking at the camera...

good day!! no PERFECT day..

love this picture for the way my 2 boys are looking at their good example they have for a big brother...soon this will be the mission picture..wow time flies...justs seemed like yesterday we baptized tyler...