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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Change in the Season

A day out of school and we went to the Zoo and my kids and their goofy poses... I wanted some kind of cute kid photo to send around Christmas Cards, but not this time... maybe they all will cooperate next time
HA, HA, HA!!
JayCee and Ansen loved looking at the ducks.. and it's a good thing cuz that is about all Willow Park Zoo has.

This is my big Aggie Fan!! JayCee is probly the only one who was more excited than him. This is also an example of what a good mom I am and this is how all of my kids dressed for halloween. They all went as an Aggie Fans with A's and USU painted on their face... and no trick or treating they just went to the Aggie Game.

This is my crazy hair girl.. for red ribbon week

JayCee has been quite the picture boy lately he brings me the camera and says "I smile Mom"

This is how we spent all of our fall and summer and spring and winter... although winter (thank goodness) is indoor.

They did win their season and they were undefeated.

We went to the zoo and Keradyn said "I want to walk him"