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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Hope It Is OVER

I hope that the Yuckies are finally out of out house..
This was christmas at our house... Wah Hoo!!!
I think it is time for a do over...... The worst part is the buckets in the pic...
Oh well it creates memories right?
Hope you all had a fab Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Puke'n Christmas

Yes it has officalliy been the worst Christmas ever and the kids are not even out of bed yet...and it is almost 7:30 am. (now granted my kids are not usually early risers on Christmas day anyway, but Santa has somehow found time to come between potty trips and trips to my bed to say "mom, I threw up again." and what an amazing daddy they have he did the 1st 2nd and 3rd time for Kyley.. Yes They are ALL sick. but I guess it is okay since they are not missing school and I won't have piles of HOMEWORK to do later. So scones and bacon for breakfast are out of the question and I called Grandma at 6:45 and said stay away... So Hope everone elses Christmas Eve and Day go much better than that of the Hoyt Home!!
Maybe we will open presents tomorrow...(or not)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

official NIGHTMARE!!

Okay kids are done with school today for 2 weeks. I actually was a bit excited when they left today knowing that they had a fun day instore at school.. it is always fun to have the "christmas party" I totally remember my parties in school. I was getting ready to head into Logan and run a few errands and decided to sit and watch the news and feed Jordan... when lo and behold... Jay pukes all over me, the couch and Jordan... so I get that all cleaned up and call daddy and say we are not going to the ball game tonight.. and the phone rings and it is Keradyns school.. he is sick too! and in turn misses his 2nd H1N1 shot so now that is also my responsibility!!! so what a fabulous start to the holiday weeks ahead... and to top it off IT IS SNOWING so now we will be stuck inside and we all will get sick... So HAPPY Holidaze... to you and yours and I'll go start an IV drip of Diet Coke!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

movin' & groovin'

Big Boy.. aren't those cheeks worth just chewin' on?
Losta help.

Yes it is true, ... we are movin.. love it!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving Morning...
we went up the hill from Grandpa Hoyt's house
and shot guns. It was cold, but fun.. and it did warm up enough for just sweatshirts.

My family came up and spent thanksgiving day with the Hoyt family as well.. Thanks Mom Hoyt for allowing my family to be a part and make things SO much easier for me...
( and my crew)
I do have a lot to be thankful for ... a beautiful family, my own and extended I have truly been blessed to have great children and siblings (married in and my own) I could not have picked better myself. Also I am grateful for my dear sweet husband I hope I let him know at least a little bit of my thanks for him... I know I do not do it enough but THANK YOU for letting me be a mommy and a wife..
I have been a part of many great things in my life and I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who teaches leads and guides and sometimes shoves and knocks me in the right direction.. I would not be where and who I am without His and many others sacrifice on my behalf.. Thanks..
And to my friends... Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and your children... I love watching your kids grow almost as much as my own..
I am truly a blessed person.
Hope you had a spectacular Turkey Day!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I noticed today.. (about 10 minutes ago.)... Jordan has popped 2 teeth on the bottom. I wonder how long that he has had them? I am such a good mom, don't you think? Wow, my baby is growing up! How sad, but happy all at the same time. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Go Aggies...(b-ball tonight)

Friday, November 20, 2009

6 mo. check up

My little BABY he is getting so big.. check up stats are:
17lb. 7oz. and 25 inches long.. and healthy as a horse.. and shots went better than expected seeing as how JayCee usually yells at nurses for "hurting his Jordan brother" but all done and now eagerly awaiting the H1N1 shot soon (monday I hope)

Just a qwick side note... we are scooting.. yup, officially mobile!! Watch out... HERE I COME!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Friends

This is JayCee lovingly helping the kitty from Grandma Hoyt's house to say "hi"
Poor Kitty!! He won't touch the paws because they might hurt him so he only puts the kitty in a hat or in his jacket or something like that. good luck kitties...
This is Tyler's new Girl . Her name is JD
and this is Kyley's new best friend, Emma.

They are both pretty excited to have the chance to learn to show and to spend some "quality and quantity "time with Dad and Grandpa.
I hope they have fun.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Okay...officially a slacker...I know.. I do have an excuse.. but I will not bore you with it... but I will reccomend that you back up any and all photos on your pc 'nuff said.

Jay looking for his new pet.. if you can tell it is a snake in the window well at grandmas house ... and he tried to get everyone to get it out because he wanted to take it home... but he sure as heck was NOT going to touch it!
Halloween and crazy hair day all in one... "an air head" is what she is!

Happy Jordan... getting to eat cereal for the first time...

not sure.. but decided that he loves FOOD (big suprise)
17 lb 26 in. @ 6 months old

ansens soccer team.. did not finish real well but we are looking forward to next season..
Way To Go SV Cats!

I went to the farm the other day and took some pics.. need to do it again at another time of day but some are pretty cute!

Tornado finished on top AGAIN!!

The partial, leaning tower of TERROR!!
Soon to come...Cow sale and kids getting their heifers... Kyley is (as you can imagine) very excited to have a new best friend.. I am a bit nervous. she only weighs 65 lbs but dad says it will be okay..Do I trust him??? I guess we will see...

Monday, October 5, 2009


P-O-T-T-Y now it's time to go potty, potty!
Yeah!! JayCee is finally potty trained!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept. Crazy Times

Jordan at Lagoon...He was so good all day!

Okay pics are in random order so small captions are added to keep you . (and me) on track.... so basics for Sept are as follows...
Keradyn turned 6 Kyley 11 Tyler 14 and Moms (both) turned 29 holding those age retention permits tightly! Jordans 4 mo. check wt. 16lbs. and 25in long doing well. we went to Lagoon for the kids first time... very fun they enjoyed it once they got into it and Keradyn wanted to go on the BIG rides and they would not let him on Jet Star but I took him on the Roller coaster and he was not going to do that again.. but ansen on the other hand LOVED it and many other big rides! And my washer broke... in the first pic. here.. I took all this laundry to my moms and my inlaws... THANK YOU for letting me use your washing facilities and also for living so CLOSE.

9 loads of laundry..to be washed somewhere else... what a nightmare!


bumper cars... all the kids fav... Clints too!

we spent a lot of time kiddie land! LOTS and LOTS

this is about Clints level of excitement, this is about the biggest ride he went on, he did go on Puff, doesn't he look Happy and glad to be there?

Tyler hamming for the Camera Happy Birthday!

Kid Photo at Lagoon!

This is the first time Tyler and Kyley went on a BIG ride

Carmel Popcorn for a Birthday Cake...?? Happy Birthday to you!

Kyley getting bonked.. doesn't she look thrilled??

Jordan loves my dad to whisper in his ear. more of a grumble.

Keradyn wanted rice krispie treats for his "cake" with 5 in the month I do what ever..

Keradyn after getting bonked... and as you can see in the background... every one sits nicely with their feet on the floor (except for TYLER)

Ansen's team is learning ... not doing so well but getting better..

Monday, August 31, 2009

busy weekend

Sunday we went to the Choir Broadcast and walked around a little after.. JayCee loved wandering around the visitor center seeing all the pictures of Jesus and going to see the Christus. It was a lot of fun... Happy Birthday Mom... Clint suggested the trip for part of my mom's B-day gift because he does not really enjoy classical music but he is trying to broaden his horizons.. as well as the kids.

also on Sun. we had a court of Honor for Tyler and he earned 6 merit badges and his life rank advancement. Way to Go!!

now on to the meat of the weekend... SOCCER
Ansen's team lost but he had fun.. Tylers team again... WON by a lot! like usual. I love going to watch my boys play.. and the season should prove to be an adventure. But bring it on!!
we love a challenge.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

first days...

Lot For Sale!!

Well the first thing is... we demolished my grandmas house nextdoor to my parents.. the boys loved watching the big trucks and loaders...

Jordan is growing up so much.. we love being around him and watching him learn new things. He loves being with Kyley and going outside with her.

First Day Of School
Kindergarden is so exciting... Keradyn is so happy to finally go school.

Ansen and Kyley go the same school now they run out the back door to catch the bus.
And Tyler did not stay in the house long enough for me to take a picture of him but he is sure growing up! I am sure we will have soccer photos soon of my 2 soccer boys games start on Sat. 29 so they are excited... well in a nutshell that is our last couple of weeks

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bee Stings and More...

Kyley got second place on her pillow case in the County Fair.. Way to Go!!

My only Child who goes in search of bees is horribly allergic... this time he was farming and climbed over a gate and the Bees ATTACKED!!! and look at the CHEEKS on my cute boy!!

Jordan is 3 month old now and is so much fun he loves to be held and kissed and loved... and there is no shortage of that right now.. but when the kids start back to school (in 6 days) I am worried...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Freezing Sunshine...

Well for a fun weekend we went Camping...yes w ith a 3 month old... actually it was fun.. but COLD and wet and muddy as you can see by the final pic. just a quick rundown on the trip... Dyn and Tyler caught a fish.. Dyn all by himself and then he ran away from it because it was flipy-floppy he said.. so the next time you see him ask him about it.

We went to Marsh Lake and it was fun but only about 40-50 degrees for a high and everything was frozen Sun. morning. Very pretty and good to get away.. more photos to come later... my parents and bro. dave and Devery and Matt (her boyfriend) all came it was good to be able to play with all of them. and we went on a hike we figure it was about 3 mi. round trip.. JC did it pretty much by himself. and I did not take my camera on the hike so my family took photo's
so more of Sargent Lake to come...

but now we are home and I am off to clean the burban and Trailer... Gross I think that we have 2 inches of mud on the running boards...